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Quanzhou Biaoda Machinery Co.,Ltd, China

Listed Under: Textiles, Garment, Knitting Machinery | Industrial and Machinery
Founded in 1984, Quanzhou Biaoda Machinery Co.,Ltd.("Biaoda") is specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic and mechanic controlled circular knitting machines and various precision parts who is located in Jinjiang,Quanzhou City with more than 10000 square meters production area. The machine scope: Single Jersey Circular knitting Machine, Single Terry Circular knitting machine, Single Knit Electronic Control Auto Striper Jacquard Knitting Machine(4 colors/6colors),Single jersey computerize electronic full jacquard Knitting Machine With a high-qualified and high-tech elite team.Biaoda is dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and sales of various precision accessories of knitting machines. It has rich experience in the process of the key parts, core components, frames and drivin

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Circular Knitting Machine, Knitting Machine


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Company: Quanzhou Biaoda Machinery Co.,Ltd
Address: No.1, 18 Area Anping Development Zone, Anhai Town, Jinjiang City, Quanzhou, Fujian Province
Telephone: +86-595-85711075
Fax: +86-595-85721075

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