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Sonex Plastics Company, Afghanistan

SONEX Industrial Machinery Supplies and Services in Afghanistan. We import and supply all kinds of Industrial Machines in Plastics Category for Afghanistan Market. We supply and Trade in the following categories. 1. PVC Pipe complete Extrusion lines. 2. HDPE Pipe Complete Extrusion Lines. 3. PPRC Pipe Complete Extrusion Lines. 4. Plastic Injection Machines. 5. PVC/HDPE/PPRC Fittings Moulds. 6. All Kinds of Plastic Crushers. 7. PVC Palverizer Machine. 8. Industrial Cold Water Chillers. 9. Industrial Laser Printers. 10. Industrial Chemicals.

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Supply Of Plastic Machinery

Uvia, Seven Stars, Huare, Sonex

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Company: Sonex Plastics Company
Address: Paktia Kot, Pule Charkhi Road, Industrial Park
Telephone: +93 775343559
Fax: +93 20 2213333

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