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Far East Trading Company Limited, Puerto Rico

Listed Under: Health, Safety,Environmental Products and Management | Oil and Gas
We are one of the oldest, reliable and well established commodities trading company in Latin America base in "the enchanted island', Puerto Rico site in the middle of the Caribbean Basin and with over 32 years (1983) in this field with producers (Sellers) and customers (Buyers) in the Arab Emirates, Canada, China, Indonesia, Greece, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, United States and other countries in the region of Southeast Asia, and Latin America. We have regular customers from Europe and the Mediterranean countries, too. We are active member of our country Chamber of Commerce, International Chamber of Commerce (since 2005) and over 60 trading, import and export associations around the world.

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We Are One Of The Oldest, Reliable And Well Established Commodities Trading Company In Latin America Base In "The Enchanted Island', Puerto Rico Site In The Middle Of The Caribbean Basin And With Over 32 Years (1983) In This Field With Producers (


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Company: Far East Trading Company Limited
Address: Urb Metropolis U1 Calle 19
Puerto Rico
Telephone: 17872931573
Fax: 17872931573
Website: in construction

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