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Ancos Trading, Germany

Listed Under: Toiletries | Consumer and Household
ANCOS Trading is a Wholesale company from Germany. ANCOS Trading consists of three divisions, each focusing on its own markets. These divisions are Perfume & Cosmetics, Personal Care and Home Care. Thanks to our long-standing experience and good network in the wholesale sector. We are able to offer our customers fair prices. Interested? Feel free to contact our sales department. ANCOS Trading Briller Straße 180 42105 Wuppertal Tel: +49 175 9088808 Fax: +49 202 3931949 E-mail:

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Wholesale Perfumes And Cosmetics, Toiletries

Axe, Dove, Nivea, Rexona, Fa

Contact Information
Company: Ancos Trading
Address: Briller Straße 180
Telephone: +49 175 9088808
Fax: +49 202 3931949

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