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Via Emirates Express Trading Est., United Arab Emirates

What makes the VIA Foundation Emirates Express Trading - Import, export and re-export of a pioneer in the field of spare parts and accessories kitchen equipment, managing owner Hussein Mohamed Noureddine Bitar was founded in 1998 in the Emirate of Sharjah - United Arab Emirates. Since it was founded Via Emirates Express Trade extensive experience, determination and will strive and continue to be a leader in this area to provide a wide variety of parts and accessories kitchen equipment. Our products are characterized by a high standard of quality, excellent quality, competitive prices and excellent service to its customers before and after the sale, bids information and explanation and Packaging and transport and speed of work.

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Kitchen Equipment's And Spare Parts


Contact Information
Company: Via Emirates Express Trading Est.
Address: Jamal Abdul Naseer Street Sharjah
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +97165444118
Fax: +97165444119

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