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Chongqing Nanko Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd, China

Chongqing Nanko Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in Commercial Air Conditioning R&D, Manufacturing and Sales, our products are suitable for Bus, Car, Refrigeration Transport and other commercial vehicles. "Nengkuan" & "NANKO" are our products brand. As one leading brand in commercial Air Conditioning & refrigeration Industry, also to expand company production capacity, our new plant is launched in Tongliang District of Chongqing City in 2016, July, covers 60000 sq.m factory area, has 4 production lines for bus air conditioning & 2 production lines for other commercial vehicle air conditioning . Our manufacturing equipment & facilities are on the top level of China vehicle Air Conditioning & refrigeration industry, now our annual production capacity is 50000 units

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Bus Air Conditioner/Refrigeration


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Company: Chongqing Nanko Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd
Address: Chongqing
Telephone: +86-23 45671901
Fax: +86-23 45671902

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