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Dream Team, United Arab Emirates

We are a large group and the expansion of our company is only possible due to the trust of our customers. We are not only serving our customers in the UAE but also in India. In India, we have our construction services in a very well-known and exotic state known as Kerala. Basically, we provide 3 types of services to our customers which include, Marine Services, Technical Maintenance Services, and Building Construction Services. Our mission is not just to serve people but actually it means that we have to serve our customers in the best way, and we are always working by keeping in mind this mission. We have the most experienced workers that are working for our company. So, you do not have to worry about your equipment and you must know that now your equipment is in the hands of the professi

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Dream Team

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Company: Dream Team
Address: Unit #102, 117-6 St, Murar Qadeem Dm.21, Diera, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971564668725
Fax: +971564668725

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