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Elyon Industry Co., Ltd, South Korea

Elyon Industry was established in 2007, to focus on overseas sales & marketing under collaboration system by the community group, made up of multiple factories, supplying Copper, Copper Alloy, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, and special metals in the form of strip/coil, wire, bar/rod, ez embossing pipe, non-slip (anti-slip) etc. Elyon is a member of the B2G Club, the export club of metal industries in Busan, Korea, and this helps us supply greater various ranges of products to our customers. We focus on our clients' satisfaction rather than the sales volume, to receive heartfelt words of gratitude from our clients for our excellence in giving them exactly what they need, and putting a top priority on providing prompt service and high-quality products.

Product Details
Raw Metal Materials (Wire, Strip/Coil, Bar/Rod), Ez Embossing Pipe, Non-Slip Metal

South Korea

Contact Information
Company: Elyon Industry Co., Ltd
Address: #1806, Centum Is Tower1209, Jaesong-Dong. Haeundae-Gu, Busan, Korea
South Korea
Telephone: +82 51 780 9040~8
Fax: +82 51 780 9044

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