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Egyptian Company For Cosmetics - Ecc, Egypt

"Egyptian For Cosmetics-ECC" , holding a Facility in Egypt for manufacturing Skin & Hair Care products Brands, in accordance to highest quality standards and latest technology, having ISO International quality certification and Good Manufacturing Processes SGS GMP 22761 , as well as other Global International Certificates. We produce all kinds of Skin Creams, Lotions, Shampoos, Conditioners, Gels, Serums .. , and our well-known brands are INFINITY , Bobana , Treato , Top Hair , Akren , Flare , Lascar , Hairdo.... We are also known as the best "Private Label" manufacturer in the area, as we produce more than 1500 brands to more than 600 companies , in their own names. It's worth mentioning that we are Contract Manufacturer for Uniliver for "Rexona" & "Clear"

Product Details
Manufacturer Of Cosmetics , Cosmeceutical , Skin Care Products , Hair Care Products Brands Of Bobana , Infinity , Hairdo , Akren , Flare , Top Hair , Lascar , Treato , Sunbrella

Bobana , Infinity , Hairdo , Top Hair , Treato , Lascar , Flare , Sunbrella , Mobinorm , Mobiease

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Company: Egyptian Company For Cosmetics - Ecc
Address: Head Office: 62 Makran Ebeid , Nasr City - Cairo , Egypt
Telephone: +20222749774
Fax: NA

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