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Procermo Feuerfeste Produkte Gmbh, Germany

Procermo GmbH offers you a wide range of refractory products from a single source. We have our products manufactured exclusively with high-quality raw materials. This is the only way to ensure that our products have the long service life that you need for the safe, trouble-free operation of your system. We manufacture special products with the highest thermal conductivity, but also products for the "normal" application in your furnace. Areas of application for Procermo products are: Fossil-fired power plants up to a furnace temperature of 1,750 ° C Waste incineration plants up to 1,450 ° C Chemical power plants Plants for the regenerative combustion of wood Paper maker Adhesive for components made of SiC, NSiC, SiSiC

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Refractory Material

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Company: Procermo Feuerfeste Produkte Gmbh
Address: Procermo Feuerfeste Produkte GmbhLange Straße 9344579 Castrop-Rauxel
Telephone: +49 2305 892942
Fax: +49 2305 892943

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