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Sbm Bellows, India

We arr pleased to introduce as one of leading manufacturer & exporter of Fabric Expansion Joints & Bellows in India. We are among few manufacture who manufacture full range of Expansion Joints & Bellow-- Metallic, Non Metallic, Circular, Rectangular, Steel Fabric, EPDM, Canvas. These are largely used where large amount of movement lateral, axial are required. It can be manufacture to absorb temperature upto 1200C and suitable for low pressure. These High Temperature Fabric Bellow are made of various types of material and can be made in single or Multiply depending upon the application. Features: Suitable for High Temperature.

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Fabric Bellow, Fabric Expansion Joints, Bellow, Expansion Joints, Compensator, Rubber Bellow, Epdm Exansion Joint


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Company: Sbm Bellows
Address: 31Chanditala Main Road
Telephone: 09836340085
Fax: NA

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