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Doya Technology, Turkey

Listed Under: Plastic Moulding / Injection Machines | Industrial and Machinery
About Us As Doya Technology, we manufacture the machines needed by the ventilation and plastic pipe industry with our 24 employees in a 10 thousand m2 closed area with our experience of more than 10 years. We carefully assemble all the parts, producing the entire system needed at every stage for quality pipes. Especially in the plastics industry, our machinery production for PVC, PPRC, sprinkler, coiled, dripping, garden pipe hose, medical pipe, wick, cable, soft PVC (some medical materials), filament, braided hose, spiral hose and silicone hose lines for both domestic and international markets have been continuing steadily since 2021. We closely follow the developments advances in technology and integrate them into our own system. Our advanced R&D department has always adopted the principle of developing user-experienced innovations by successfully performing tests that will minimize the problems that may arise with the products. In addition, by delivering our quality products to approximately 17 countries in 5 continents, we have succeeded in becoming one of the best brands in the world in a short time, and we are aiming for more.

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Plastic Pipe Extruder Machines


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Company: Doya Technology
Address: 10749 Sok. Fevzicakmak Mah. Karatay
Telephone: +905495742018
Fax: NA

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