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Krisprfarms, United Arab Emirates

A Movement For Better Agriculture Today, we eat food imported from thousands of miles away, with a questionable nutrional value, compromised flavor and (in many cases) poor traceability. We buy food grown using chemicals, that spoils quickly, bruises easily and demands a resource burden that our planet may no longer be able to bear. But, what if we could change all that? What if we could move our farms from far and away, to the cities where their produce is eaten? What if, we could do this using less land, less water and no chemicals? And what if, we could grow better tasting, more nutritious, fresher food all year round? KRISPR is leading the way in transforming agriculture and reversing nutritional decline, by bringing together the best elements of science and technology to the cultivation of nutritious, fresh, beyond organic quality food. Our closed-loop water-saving nutrient systems and indoor environmental controls allow us to create the ideal conditions for plants to thrive, so we can grow within urban centers, even in harsh conditions, delivering fresh produce at peak nutrition and optimal freshness within a few short hours of harvest.

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Company: Krisprfarms
Address: Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai, Uae
Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai, Uae
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: 045483338
Fax: 045483338

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