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Sigma Engineering, Egypt

manufacturers for low voltage stabilizers from 3 Kva to 1.5 MVA both static and servo type. manufacturers of Industrial battery chargers with DC O/P 110 V, 220V, 48 V with different current capacities. manufacturer of digital panel meters with accuracy up to 0.5%

Product Details
Avr ( Automatic Voltage Regulators) Up To 1.5 Mva @ Low Voltage, Digital Panel Meters, Industrial Battery Chargers

Turbo Stabilizers, Ir Battery Chargers, Dpm 09 (Digital Multimeter), Am08 ( Digital Ammeters), Vm08 ( Digital Voltmeters)

Contact Information
Company: Sigma Engineering
Address: 22,23 Block 13037, First District Zone, Obour City, Egyt.
Obour City
Telephone: +202-22682489
Fax: +202-22625362

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