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Wuhan Centerrise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd., China

Listed Under: Industrial Automation | Industrial and Machinery
Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in automation products and engineering. Our business scope includes the research and development, production and sales of automation systems, devices and various instruments. We are an integrated automation company that designs, implements and provides comprehensive automation systems and process control solutions. Wuhan CenterRise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes to provide you with high-quality, satisfactory, long-term and stable all-round services through comprehensive and thoughtful technical support, highly competitive products and high-quality solutions.

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Main Products: Mold Breakout Prediction System, Ladle Slag Detection System, Mold Expert System, Continuous Casting Billet Detection System, Roll Gap Measuring Instrument System, Ladle Thickness Measurement System, Etc.


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Company: Wuhan Centerrise M&C Engineering Co., Ltd.
Address: Building 4, Hengxin Industrial Park, No. 8 Xinhua Avenue, Huangpi District
Telephone: 8613995588597
Fax: NA

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