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Athel Technology Limited, Kenya

Listed Under: New and Renewable Energy | Power and Energy
We are a Kenyan-based Solar Cooker company called Athel Technology Limited. Athel Technology Limited is a Kenyan start-up company that has come up with a new eco-friendly cooking solution known as the EcoMpishi Solar Cooker. We manufacture EcoMpishi Solar Cookers. This cooking solution embraces the use of solar energy which is usually lost most of the time during the day. EcoMpishi Solar Cookers have no emissions and use free solar energy accessible worldwide. Our solar cooking technology is one way of reducing deforestation as it is less costly compared to other alternative cooking solutions such as charcoal and gas cookers, which need constant refills. EcoMpishi Solar Cooker is an innovation that allows families to cook for free without having to worry about any refill costs. There are two types of EcoMpishi solar cookers; the Single Plate EcoMpishi Solar Cooker and the Double Plate EcoMpishi Solar Cooker. Our EcoMpishi Solar Cookers work both during the day and at night.

Product Details
We Manufacture Ecompishi Solar Cookers.

Ecompishi Solar Cookers By Athel Technology Limited

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Company: Athel Technology Limited
Address: P.O Box 90763 G.P.O,Mombasa, Kenya.
Nairobi And Mombasa
Telephone: +254714111176 / +254793409674 / +254742773537
Fax: NA

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