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Tano Minerals Fze, United Arab Emirates

Listed Under: Chemicals, Adhesives and Raw material | Industrial and Machinery
Tano Minerals, located in UAE and Malaysia, widely recognized in the mineral industry for delivering top-quality minerals essential to various sectors. Our expertise lies in the meticulous processing of Garnet in diverse grades, including 20/40, 20/60, 30/60, 80, and 120. At Tano Minerals, we take pride in our comprehensive approach encompassing the processing, supplying, and global export of mineral sands. Our product range extends beyond Garnet to include Ilmenite, Sillimanite, and more.

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Garnet Abrasive, Ilmenite Sand, Sillimanite Sand

Tano Garnet

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Company: Tano Minerals Fze
Address: P6-Elob Office No. Hamriyah Free Zone SharjahUnited Arab Emirates
Hamriyah Free Zone
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971588213073
Fax: NA

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