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European Perfume Works Co ..L.C, United Arab Emirates

Listed Under: Perfume and Cosmetics | Consumer and Household
European Perfume Works was established in 1991, in Sharjah, to herald the beginning of the most modern manufacturing facility to produce on a mass scale, a very large variety of Perfumes, Cosmetics and Toiletry Products. Coupled with the strength of the Company in terms of in-house plastic manufacturing and bottle decoration facilities, the tax free economy of the country and the liberal market conditions have contributed to the growth and stability of the Company. Having a most reliable facility to develop and produce new styles and designs, European Perfume Works is now consolidating its markets through the entire Gulf, Europe, USA, Canada, CIS, South Africa, Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

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Manufactures Of Perfumes


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Company: European Perfume Works Co ..L.C
Address: P.O Box 23121
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: 97165342022
Fax: 97165342378

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