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Jining Hongxiang Packing Material Co.,Ltd, China

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POF shrink film (POF) 3 & 5-Layer Co-extruded Polyolefin Shrink Is currently the most advanced environment-friendly plastic packaging material. Main types of single layer, double layer of folded membranes and small size tube film thickness from 15-30 microns.. POF shrink film features: High-resolution, glossy and transparent, protecting properties, to prevent products from dust, moisture and odor without affecting the corrosion product appearance. Environmental performance is good, especially for export products. Toughness, light weight, economical and practical Fast and high shrinkage, suitable for packaging products of all shapes and sizes. Tear resistance, impact resistance, in high or low temperatures quite stable, it will not be broken, melted, broken and so on.

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Plastic Film,Pof Shrink Film,Polyolefin Shrink Film,Biodegradable Film,Stretch Film.

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Company: Jining Hongxiang Packing Material Co.,Ltd
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Skype: Packingchina
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