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Xl Energy Marketing, Poland

Listed Under: Beverages and Drinks | Food, Kitchen and Hotel Supplies
XL Energy Drink was born in year 2000. The brand became an immediate success and export operations followed shortly. Currently XL Energy Drink has its offices in Poland and USA. Our product is present in over 50 countries, including major West and South European countries, United States of America, Australia as well as Arabic and African countries. More than 100 million cans per year are consumed worldwide.

Product Details
XL Energy Drink 250ml can, XL Cranberry Energy 250ml can, XL Sugar Free 250ml can, XL Lime&Lemon Energy 250ml can

Xl Energy Drink,Xl Cranberry Energy

Contact Information
Company: Xl Energy Marketing
Address: 17, Niegolewskiego Street
Telephone: 48 22 427 30 04
Fax: 48 22 433 53 39

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