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Baoding Electricity Valley Technology Co.,Ltd, China

Listed Under: Broadband Technologies | IT / Telecom / Electronics
Established in 2006, Baoding Electricity Valley Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the key high-tech enterprises in Baoding, engaged in designing, developing and producing (solar) LED street light. With the support of our local government, through cooperation with China Academy of Science, Huabei Electricity University and several other institutions and universities, we develop a series of solar lighting products and LED lights, such as solar LED street lights, solar LED garden lights, solar LED landscape lights, solar LED courtyard lights etc. We also have made great progress in lighting field. Our LED street lights have the features of high illumination efficiency, low weak-light and low-cost. There is no doubt that this will never be the ends of our development, but the beginning. W

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Led Street Lights,Garden Lamp,Solar Lights


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Company: Baoding Electricity Valley Technology Co.,Ltd
Address: #118,Fuxing West Road, High -New Zone, Baoding, Hebei.
Telephone: +86-0312-5903889
Fax: +86-0312-5901388

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