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La Famille Factory De Brilliante L.L.C., United Arab Emirates

Listed Under: Toiletries | Consumer and Household
Way back in 1984, a small firm was established in India by the name Fernhill Laboratories & Industrial Establishment to manufacture consumer products. The first product, under the The Brand COLIN -Spray n Wipe cleaner. became the household name & in a very short span of time, a market-leader in its category. It was not the product that we launce but the whole new concept of cleaning which was unknown in India in those days.

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All Cleaning Products / Toiletries / Nursery(Plants) Products / Optical Products.


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Company: La Famille Factory De Brilliante L.L.C.
Address: 9434 Ajman
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: 06 5317506
Fax: 06 5317507

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