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Am-Pg Group, Armenia

Listed Under: Pharmaceuticals Packaging | Printing , Packaging and Plastic
AM-PG GROUP LTD founded in 1998 and had a great success and experiences in the service of the customers commercial, and security best printing solutions, supported to an advanced technology. The activity in all the countries of the world, confirms the current leadership supplying security products in commercial, bank and government area. Innovation, quality, performance and services, constitute the effective model of insertion in the global market. AM-PG GROUP LTD promotes in different countries which works the establishment of new branch offices in partnership with local distributor. We Produce Sublimation Heat Transfer Film contact us today.

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Printing Labels,Producing A Sublimation Heat Transfer Film,And Much More Security Labels,Tax Stamps.Etc


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Company: Am-Pg Group
Address: 82 Bagrevand
Telephone: 003710648229
Fax: NA

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