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XtreeE Collaborates with Concreative in Setting Up a New 3D Printing Unit in Dubai

XtreeE, a French large scale 3D printing firm recently received a huge investment from TTWiiN Investment Partners, an investment subsidary of the US- based engineering consulting firm Thornton Tomasetti, in the company's recent pool of funding.

XtreeE has also announced a partnership with Concreative, a concrete 3D printing company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to launch a fresh manufacturing facility for 3D printing in Dubai.

Ray Daddazio, the president of Thornton Tomasetti commenting on the recent investment said,“There is a huge misconception within the AEC industry that 3D printing is a technology only of the future. We see it as a technology of today. We are pleased to help XtreeE pioneer new applications that will enable project teams to push the frontiers of design through digital fabrication.”

XtreeE was founded in 2015 and concentrated its large-scale additive production capacities on concrete building. The company operates using two services.Customers can lease and access large-scale 3D printing technologies, such as the six-axis 3D printing machine, capable of high-precision 3D production of concrete and clay. Or XtreeE also provides to help customers with collaborative design and large-scale prototype production, assisting them to determine the advantages of 3D printing on a large scale.

The latest UAE manufacturing facility will integrate 3D printing technology from XtreeE and will be run by Concreative.

The creation of the XtreeE and Concreative 3D printing manufacturing facility in the UAE occurs in the midst of a push to implement building technology across the entire Middle East region. Both businesses are committed to Dubai's ambitious misssion to introduce 3D printing over the next six years in 25 percent of new construction.

Other projects to assist Dubai's vision are the 3D printing service office 3DVinci Creations, which has established distribution contracts with Danish 3D printing firm COBOD International and London's large-scale 3D printing company Ai Build to distribute their devices in the UAE.3DVinci designs also decided to deliver a 3D printer to the freshly developed 3D Concrete Printing and Digital Construction Center at the American University in Dubai (AUD) to promote the use of 3D concrete printing technology.

Saudi Arabia has also set up its own vision for 2030 outside the UAE to enhance the environment and homes of the country through innovation pillars, i.e. contemporary building methods. Saudi Arabia's building firm Elite for Construction & Development Co. has put an offer this year for COBOD's BOD2 3D printer to assist achieve the country's goal.

Source : Print Dubai
Posted on :7/5/2019