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There Is An Increasing Demand For Secondary Packaging In The Country - UAE

The most important feature to be integrated into packaging is functionality. There is an increasing demand for secondary packaging in the country, because of the rising trend of folding cartons in categories, such as perfumes and skincare.

The packaging industry in the United Arab Emirates is expected to register a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period.

As many consumers and companies are becoming more zero waste compliant, sustainability is becoming a key development agenda in the United Arab Emirates.

Packaging manufacturers in the country are investing in innovative packaging, in terms of both design and materials used, considering the demographic and lifestyle changes. Innovative pack designs are seen in beauty and personal care. There is an increasing focus on environment-friendly packaging.

There is a rise in eco-friendly packaging in the country, as the number of international brands offering chemical-free, organic, and natural products in the United Arab Emirates is increasing.

Packaging redesigns and innovative shapes of packaging have been adopted to promote a premium image. Manufacturers have launched products with premium packaging in many categories.

There is a rising demand for packaged food among consumers, owing to the changing eating habits, and the quickening pace of life is expected to have a major impact on the industry. Packaged food items offer extended and stable shelf life, high barrier properties, and safety, thereby, boosting the industry growth.

Food safety is one of the primary factors driving the market, as the quality of food is a significant issue faced by the manufacturers and consumers of food products.

Many companies are investing in R&D activities across the country to help the industry to grow further.

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Posted on :12/9/2019