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Khind Expands Lighting Products In Middle East

Khind, a global consumer electrical and electronics manufacturer as well as a smart solutions provider for cooling and lighting, is expanding its energy efficient and innovative lighting products that will help reduce energy consumption and environment footprint as well as serve the growing number of new homes that are being delivered. The move by Malaysian electricals, industrial and consumer electronics and appliances manufacturer Khind Holdings Bhd, comes as the lighting fixture market revenues in the Middle East is set to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.3 percent from US$6.5 billion (Dh23.85 billion) in 2021 to US$9.7 billion (Dh35.6 billion) in 2025, according to reports.

“Lamps do not just light up your room, they are part of your lifestyle. Light fittings, just like a new piece of furniture, can completely change the appearance of your room,” said Adil Mistry, Group Chief Executive Officer, Khind Holdings Berhad. “Whether you are building a new home, renovating, or simply just feel like a change, Khind lights are the go-to option for customers.

“That’s why, we have expanded our lighting portfolio to have the widest collection of lighting products under one brand that fits into the needs of any and every customer – be it individual, family or industrial units or a public facility, a shopping mall or a cinema hall.”

Saudi Arabia has a 30.5 percent revenue share of the Middle East lighting fixture market, followed by Turkey (15.4%), the UAE (13.6%), and Iran (11.8%). According to the report, nations such as the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, and Qatar are likely to experience substantial growth in the next years due to increased demand for lighting fixture solutions.

Khind lighting range caters to a wide variety – be it individual, household or industrial needs everything related to lights and lamps, whether for house, garden, office, shop, or the property in general. Its vast lighting products have been divided into a number of categories, including, Panel Lights, Projects Lights, Rechargeable Emergency Lights, Rechargable LED Lights, Rechargeable Portable Lamp, Street Lights, High Bay, Flood Lights and Down Lights, LED bulbs and Tubes, etc.

Khind’s right lighting products can also increase one’s feeling of well-being and the latest lamps and light bulbs can help save energy and money. High-quality LED lamps, for example, can save you up to 90 percent in electricity costs and are just as bright as traditional light bulbs. As energy savings mean lower CO2 emissions, you’re also helping the environment at the same time.

Jos Paul CJ, Senior Operations Manager and SBU head for KHIND Middle East and Africa region, said: “As the market in the GCC grows due to the delivery of new residential, commercial, retail and hospitality properties, we at Khind have also up the ante with expanded energy-efficient lighting portfolio to help our clients in the Middle East.

“Our next-generation cost-effective and innovative lighting products will help property owners save money over the life-cycle of the properties with extended life, warranty and lower maintenance cost, backed up with our excellent customer services.”

KHIND Middle East, which is responsible for the brand's market development in 15 key markets across the region, recently moved to a larger regional headquarters in order to expand the brand's presence and promote the region's developing consumer electronics and home appliance industry.

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Posted on :9/30/2021