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Dubai's exports to Africa are increasing.

Dubai has emerged as one of Africa's leading suppliers of goods and consumer goods. With the arrival of African bulk buyers over the last decade, shipping lines plying the Dubai-Africa route have seen a welcome increase in business. Nigeria, Mauritania, Senegal, Gabon, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast are among the major West African destinations for UAE exports, as are Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya in East Africa. Freight rates to Africa typically range between 2,200 USD and 2,600 USD for a 20-foot container with a capacity of 21 tonnes. Current rates for a 40-foot container with a capacity of 26.5 tonnes range between 4,900 USD and 5,600 USD.

In recent years, certain trade sectors in Dubai have reported a significant increase in demand from African countries. A growing number of African buyers are travelling to Dubai to purchase a wide range of goods and to make direct contacts with UAE suppliers and manufacturers.

Dubai's trade with Africa, valued at 45 billion USD, has expanded beyond traditional African trading partners such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda to include new and emerging markets such as Angola, Benin,Tanzania, Mozambique, Cameroon, Eritrea, Nigeria and Ghana. According to a recent study conducted by Africa Business Pages, Dubai's exports to Africa account for 10% of the emirate's total trade. Africa has emerged as the largest export market for Dubai wholesalers of consumer electronics and IT equipment in recent years.

Dubai's ties with Africa date back decades, and the emirate traded with many African countries long before the discovery of oil and the formation of the UAE Federation. Traditional trade partners in those days used dhows. Arab traders once dominated trade with the ports of Zanzibar, Somalia, Kenya, and Tanzania. Since ancient times, the Gulf countries have imported Somali cattle. So there is a long and illustrious history of trade between Africa and Dubai.

Emirates Airlines has also played an important role in increasing bi-lateral trade between Africa and Dubai. Emirates airline has helped to build new trade routes in African markets while also contributing to an increase in African passenger traffic to Dubai by operating direct flights from Dubai into many African countries.

Many African countries' new and liberal economic policies have also attracted foreign investment in industrial and manufacturing projects, primarily in the several Export Processing Zones (EPZs) that have sprung up in recent years in countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. This has resulted in increased demand for capital goods, machinery, and raw materials, which many Dubai-based businesses are meeting. Statistics clearly show that Africa's demand for goods is increasing.

The improved economic and political situation in many East African countries has resulted in increased purchasing power for the average African, boosting demand for consumer goods.

Although Dubai has long had ties with East Africa, the increase in the number of African visitors is a new phenomenon. According to available data, the number of visitors from African countries has increased from 6,954 in 1984 to over 100,000 now. The majority came from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, and South Africa.

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Posted on :4/7/2022