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Al Seer Marine, situated in Abu Dhabi, launches a 3D printing manufacturing unit.

Al Seer Marine, a subsidiary of International Holding Corporation (IHC) and an Abu Dhabi-listed marine company, has announced the start of its 3D printing manufacturing business unit. Grand View Research estimates that the worldwide 3D printing industry was worth $13.78 billion in 2020, and that it would increase at a compound annual growth rate of 21% from 2021 to 2028.

According to a release from Al Seer Marine, the technology offers various advantages during the manufacturing process, allowing engineers to develop parts with higher complexity in substantially quicker periods.

The new 3D printing manufacturing business unit, according to the corporation, will use the most up-to-date additive manufacturing technologies for in-house fabrication of autonomous vessels and vehicles.

Furthermore, the business unit will develop large-scale additive manufacturing products and parts that are in great demand both locally and internationally.

"The company's decision to pursue additive manufacturing is testament to the technology's rising importance and broad uses across a range of sectors," Guy Neivens, CEO of Al Seer Marine, stated. The digital process underpinning additive manufacturing, which allows for the manufacture of unique components with complicated geometries and no waste - drastically decreasing prices and weight issues while retaining the part's strength and integrity – has been a major driver of rising use."

"We are convinced that by 2025, our 3D printing manufacturing business unit will be in a position to lead the segment across the region, providing various advantages to our industrial capabilities and revolutionising the region's transportation industry," Neivens added.

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Posted on :5/5/2022