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General Motors Doubles Middle Eastern Electric Future Plans

By announcing the fourth of 13 electric vehicles planned for the Middle East by 2025, General Motors Africa and the Middle East (GM AMEO) is moving forward with its goal for an electric future in the area. The business is also showing a variety of cutting-edge technology that will completely change the way we move in the future.

The Cadillac LYRIQ, GMC HUMMER EV, and Chevrolet Bolt EUV, all of which are expected to arrive in the area by 2023, will be joined by the Chevrolet Blazer EV SUV, which goes on sale in 2024. By providing an EV for every need and every budget, the inclusion solidifies GM's goal of dominating the EV industry.

According to a worldwide vehicle electrification index compiled annually by AlixPartners, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates rank among the top 50 nations embracing the EV transition, so it also responds to the GCC's growing interest in electric vehicles, the business stated.

The auto industry in the Middle East is changing quickly, moving more quickly toward an all-electric future due to technical advancements and regional sustainability goals, according to Luay Al Shurafa, President and Managing Director of General Motors Africa and the Middle East. At GM, we are committed to providing the cars, trucks, and SUVs that our customers love while laying the groundwork for leadership in future mobility in the areas of autonomous driving and connectivity.

At a recent two-day drive and technology immersion hosted at General Motors Michigan headquarters and R&D labs, the company's EV revolution roll out, which is based on the global investment of USD$35B into EV and AV technologies across the Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac brands, was confirmed.

The occasion emphasized General Motors dedication to implementing its zero emissions, zero crashes, and zero congestion strategy to support the creation of a sustainable future for the planet, made possible by ground-breaking technology that is anticipated to revolutionise mobility in the Middle East.

GM's Ultium battery technology, which leads the industry and is versatile and modular, is what's powering the electric revolution. Range concern is a thing of the past thanks to Ultium, which offers performance and a driving range that surpass many gasoline-powered cars.

Ultium equipped EVs can offer up to 160 km of range with just a 10-minute charge thanks to rapid charging. Battery prices have already been cut by 40% and will continue to fall as EV adoption rates and manufacturing soar for the rest of the decade.

GM's expansion goal is to ensure that our present and future fleet of vehicles fit the unique needs of the region for price, range, performance, and charging, said Al Shurafa. As a car manufacturer, tech firm, and customer experience pioneer.

A cooperation between Dubai RTA and the majority-owned by GM Cruise will allow GM to provide its innovative autonomous vehicles to the market alongside the rollout of EVs.

In accordance with the agreement, the self-driving and shared car firm will launch its first international operation outside of the US in the UAE with its autonomous vehicle service, powered by GM's Ultium battery technology.

Cohesive efforts with local government, business, and private groups to ensure infrastructure readiness elevate GM's EV and AV roll-out in tandem.

This contributes to regional governments efforts to realise a range of net zero goals, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Net Zero 2060 vision and the UAE's and Qatar's 2050 Net Zero goals.

A cooperation with Emirates Post in the United Arab Emirates serves as an example of how GM is bringing more comprehensive mobility solutions to market as part of the push toward electrification.

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Posted on :9/9/2022