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UAE government to put long-term emphasis on 3D printing in the upcoming years

With international corporations entering the market and vying with the fresh regional service-based start-ups, 3D printing is still in its infancy in the UAE. With 250 global competitors and 80 regional firms participating in the 3D Printing market in the UAE, the sector is currently very fragmented.

The application of 3D printing is largely for prototyping and tooling reasons, yet with the adoption of technology the application for mass manufacturing will derive the future growth.

Over the years 2021-2026, the UAE 3D printing industry is anticipated to expand favourably at a CAGR in the double digits. New and emerging technologies like WASP and colour jet printers may surpass the current FDM Technology in the 3D printing sector as a result of technological advancement. The use of 3D printing is expected to transform from prototype to manufacturing, and the materials that are used to produce 3D objects are also expected to change significantly.

In the near future, the manufacturers of 3D printing technology will work together on an industrial scale to develop 3D printing standards that have broad and widespread use in the sectors of mass production and prototyping. For instance, Materialise has collaborated with 3D printing experts, universities, software developers, and machine makers.

In terms of volume, FDM technology is now employed the most in the 3D printing industry. However, there is no obvious winner when it comes to revenue created. Future technologies like WASP and colour jet printers may surpass the current FDM Technology.

Dubai has developed become the UAE's centre for technology over time. In terms of 3D printing, Dubai has been the definite leader among the other Emirates. Since most regional businesses are headquartered in Dubai, the local community has easy access to these technology.

Because of the government's progressive regulations and the growing awareness of 3D Printing technology in new industries, analysts predict that the UAE's 3D printing market will grow rapidly. In the coming years, the industry is anticipated to see a positive CAGR of 28.3%.

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Posted on :9/9/2022