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Khansaheb Will Distribute LG HVAC Products In The UAE Market

With the signing of this deal, LG's goods will be added to Khansaheb's cutting-edge lineup of HVAC options, which already includes Spiralite, the first and only lightweight air duct in the world to be patented and widely used for its sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

A distribution deal has been reached by Khansaheb Industries, a division of the Khansaheb Group, and LG Gulf Electronics, a well-known manufacturer of consumer electronics worldwide.

With the help of the deal, Khansaheb Industries will advertise and sell LG HVAC equipment in the UAE, giving customers and businesses there access to a wider range of goods.

On January 16, in the presence of Michael Park, CEO of LG Gulf Electronics, and Abdulrahman A. Khansaheb, MD of Khansaheb Industries, the agreement was officially signed at Khansaheb's headquarters in Dubai.

As part of the deal, Khansaheb Industries will promote and market LG's extensive line of HVAC products. They consist of chillers, direct expansion, air handling units, and equipment with variable refrigerant flow. Spiralite, the first patented, circular and flat oval insulated AC air duct in the world that is energy-efficient and lightweight while still being sturdy, with ideal airflow and thermal performance, is one of the innovative HVAC solutions that Khansaheb provides.

Abdulrahman A. Khansaheb, director of Khansaheb Industries, commented on the new alliance, saying: "This distribution arrangement is a clear evidence of the offering that Khansaheb has in the regional market. We provide businesses and households with the newest HVAC technology, guaranteeing that the systems they use not only meet their cooling needs, but also provide highly efficient solutions that are long-lasting.”

Khansaheb continued, "With our product, Spiralite, Khansaheb continues to operate at the forefront of the HVAC business. Spiralite, which is exclusively circular, has several advantages over conventional metal ducts: it is lighter, has greater thermal efficiency, minimises spaces where germs can thrive, and promotes sustainability. The cutting-edge offerings from LG and Khansaheb complement one other perfectly.”

The collaboration between Khansaheb Industries and LG will result in the delivery of extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly cooling solutions that offer clients the best indoor air quality and AC performance. Both Khansaheb Industries and LG Electronics place a strong emphasis on delivering consistent product and service improvement.

"We are pleased to announce LG's cooperation with Khansaheb, who will work closely with us as a distribution partner to supply our customers with the industry-leading HVAC solutions. We believe that our partnership will result in a number of successful projects that will offer our clients in the UAE the finest value." said Michael Park, LG CEO, B2B - MEA Area.

The partnership represents a step towards Khansaheb's Industries' business goal of enhancing its HVAC solution portfolio, providing complete air conditioning systems, and growing its footprint throughout the Middle East. Khansaheb Industries will provide support to a broad range of clients, including MEP contractors, owners, developers, and operators, as well as consultants working on renovation and retrofit projects. The residential and commercial divisions, as well as schools, universities, commercial and retail, hotel, and healthcare facilities, as well as big infrastructure sites like industrial plants, airports, and hydro farms, all have a variety of uses for the HVAC solutions.

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Posted on :3/13/2023