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A UAE Ministry Will Offer Training For Industrial Firms And Local Talent

In accordance with the National Plan for Industry and Advanced Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has formed partnerships to give training to SMEs and local talent.

In order to teach and educate its consumers about LG AC products, MoIAT inked Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with SKM, a major producer of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in the Gulf region, and LG Electronic Gulf.

Under the Future Industries Lab project, the MoUs will introduce specialised training programmes for SMEs and Emirati undergraduates to encourage them to contribute to the industrial sector of the UAE. Assistant Under-Secretary for Standards and Law Technical Regulation at MoIAT, Dr. Farah Ali Al Zarouni, stated: “One of the innovative programmes started by the ministry in collaboration with the private sector to encourage the expansion of domestic companies and boost their competitiveness is the Future Industries Lab initiative. In keeping with the goals of the Made in the Emirates programme, it offers a package of technical and industrial training possibilities as well as workshops on operational processes, quality, supply chains, marketing, and instruments to access global markets.”

Succeed in Emirates The Future Industries Lab will help the UAE promote its sustainability initiatives, such as its goal of becoming net-zero by 2050. It aims to support and encourage the industrial sector's adoption of cutting-edge solutions and technology, as well as localise industries in line with the Make It in the UAE strategy.

Dr. Farah Ali Al Zarouni also stated that the MoIAT wanted to improve relations with all parties involved in the industrial sector. Through a new phase of sustainable collaborations to support their operation development and increase access to regional and global markets, this will be done to strengthen the professional and technical capabilities of institutions and individuals. Training programmes will be created expressly to support Operation 300bn's goals, the nation's industrial plan. As part of our effort to improve the industrial sector's contribution to the national GDP, the Future Industries Lab programme is an important way to transmit knowledge from successful multinational firms to SMEs and talents. The training programme will offer instruction to SMEs and students on subjects like supply chains, purchasing, data analysis, and lean manufacturing.

Dr. Al Zarouni emphasised the significance of collaborations with top businesses to offer SMEs training programmes and introduce them to best practises that foster the expansion of the industrial sector and boost local output.

"We are thrilled to cooperate with MoIAT to harness SKM's 48 years of technical knowledge to give SMEs in the UAE with the essential technical help to expand, Our collaborative initiative aims to encourage and support entrepreneurs and start-ups and to foster the early development of small businesses that actively contribute to the nation's economic development." stated Abdul Karim Al Saleh, CEO of SKM.

To help SMEs become more competitive and to contribute to the growth of their operational efficiency and national talent, MoIAT is aiming to form new relationships with renowned businesses. LG is eager to assist initiatives aimed at empowering Emiratis.

The program's inclusion of national cadres will increase the contribution of local talent to the expansion of the industrial sector and give young talent the chance to enter the industry. LG Gulf Electronics' Chief Executive Officer, Michael Park, said: "We are pleased to collaborate with MoIAT to strengthen government-private sector cooperation in order to assist the expansion of the industrial sector in the UAE and improve company expansion opportunities. By our relationship with the ministry, SMEs will have the chance to benefit from the training programmes provided by the LG Academy and broaden their work across various industries while utilising the technological know-how of Electronics GULF FZE LG."

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Posted on :3/14/2023