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A Total of 2GW of Wind Power Will Be Developed By Masdar and Bapco Energies in Bahrain

The UAE's clean energy powerhouse, Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company PJSC - Masdar, and Bapco Energies, the integrated energy company spearheading the energy transition in the Kingdom of Bahrain, have inked a collaborative agreement to investigate the joint development and investment in wind projects with a maximum capacity of 2 gigawatts (GW) in the Kingdom.

The agreement for near-shore and offshore wind farms is Masdar's first in the Kingdom and will be the first project of its sort in the area and the Middle East, signalling a calculated entry into the Bahrain market for the UAE's clean energy champion. This renewable energy partnership, with a potential output of up to 2GW, would help the Kingdom of Bahrain expedite the decarbonization of vital industrial sectors and create opportunities for the growth of new market sectors. According to its National Energy Strategy, the Kingdom of Bahrain wants to attain net-zero emissions by 2060 and a 30 percent reduction in emissions by 2035.

Masdar, a leader in renewable energy, will make use of its proven experience and track record in completing onshore and offshore wind energy projects worldwide. Being able to help the Kingdom of Bahrain realize its goals of being net zero and powering a more sustainable future is an honor. Stated Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, Chief Executive Officer of Masdar.

In Bapco Energies' journey towards sustainable energy production, today represents a major turning point. As leaders in the development of renewable energy, our relationship with Masdar highlights our dedication to broadening Bahrain's energy mix to include greener energy sources. This strategic partnership is a big step toward achieving the objectives stated in Bahrain's National Energy Strategy and will help us get closer to our net-zero targets. Together, we will create the conditions for future generations to live in a more resilient and sustainable world, declared by Mark Thomas, CEO of the Bapco Energies Group.

Masdar has created a number of historic wind farms around the globe, such as the 400 MW Dumat Al Jandal wind farm, which is the first and largest in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East; the 630 MW London Array offshore wind project in the United Kingdom, which provides electricity to half a million British homes; and the 103.5 MW UAE Wind Program, which uses cutting-edge technology to capture low wind speeds at utility scale.

By 2030, Masdar wants to have a 100GW renewable energy portfolio. It also supports the UAE Consensus goal of tripling global renewable capacity by the end of this decade. By the same year, Masdar wants to be a major player in the production of green hydrogen.

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Posted on :5/8/2024