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Stokedplastics Is Utilizing 10x More Recycled Plastic Than Traditional Methods To Transform Ocean Trash Into Performance Plastic Treasure

The award-winning leader in environmental innovation, StokedPlastics, has unveiled a ground-breaking way to reduce plastic pollution. StokedPlastics was founded by James Merrill, a former US Government Contractor with a wealth of experience working in underprivileged communities in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The company aims to turn the pollution caused by plastic bottles into useful performance plastic.

Compared to industry standards, StokedPlastic contains ten times more recycled material, setting a new benchmark. StokedPlastic easily integrates into manufacturing processes to accelerate brands environmental and ESG goals for 2025 and beyond, whether they are for luxury hard goods or adventure gear.

The recycled plastic water bottles used to make StokedPlastic pellets are sourced from international recycling partners around the Asian and Indonesian coastlines. Compared to conventional injection-molded plastics, these pellets have better roundness, flexibility, durability and carbon efficiency.

The world's first totally sustainable eyewear firm, Opolis Optics, is powered by StokedPlastic, a testament to its effectiveness. Everything, even the microfiber cleaning cloths and bags, is made from recycled water bottles, which is the pinnacle of circular production. The only exception is the lenses.

StokedPlastic has been acknowledged for its innovative achievements and has won accolades for sustainability and creativity in the outdoor industry. Gary Erickson, the creator of Clif Bar, was Merrill's special guest mentor on NPR's How I Built This with Guy Raz.

The StokedPlastics team, which includes veterans of the armed forces, expanding businesses, luxury eyeglasses, materials research and global supply chain management, is well-positioned to spearhead the broad implementation of this revolutionary technology.

Merrill states, "We want to demonstrate the revolutionary potential of StokedPlastic while simultaneously cleaning up the oceans. We have to demand more of ourselves if we are to genuinely improve the environment. In order for us to continue researching and making progress towards putting 100% recycled water bottle content into every product, it means establishing StokedPlastic as the industry standard.

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Posted on :5/13/2024