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RTA Completes Upgrading 900 Lighting Units To LED.

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has successfully replaced 900 lighting units along 9 kilometres of Sheikh Rashid Street to energy-efficient LED lighting technology. The full project was performed in three stages over six months.

This project serves traffic in both directions on a 10-lane road spanning 9 kilometres, improving the emirate's road lighting sustainability.

The improvement is part of the RTA's efforts to maintain the infrastructure of the street-lighting network in accordance with Dubai's strategic goals of conserving energy and promoting the green economy. It also supports the UAE's Sustainability Initiative 2024.

The improvement was done in three stages over six months. The first phase concentrated on the sector from Deira to Al Garhoud Bridge, followed by the stretch between Deira and Bur Dubai in the second phase and finally the sector from Bur Dubai to the intersection of Sheikh Khalifa Street and Sheikh Rashid Street in the third phase.

According to Abdullah Lootah, Director of Road and Facilities Maintenance at RTA, "The project involved re-engineering the street-lighting to incorporate sustainable and energy-efficient LED lighting according to the best practices for maintaining our assets and commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection in Dubai and the UAE."

Lootah emphasised that LED technology is substantially more ecologically friendly than older solutions, providing a number of benefits.

It uses 60% less energy and has a lifespan of up to 173% longer, at 60,000 hours versus 22,000 hours for traditional lights. These enhancements not only reduce the frequency of lamp changes, but also save maintenance and operating costs.

"Additionally, LED lights reduce energy losses and heat emissions by 38 percent, enhancing the overall efficiency of Dubai's street lighting system," he stated.

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Posted on :6/4/2024