Egyptian Company For Cosmetics - Ecc | Egypt | Perfume and Cosmetics

"Egyptian For Cosmetics-ECC" , holding a Facility in Egypt for manufacturing Skin & Hair Care products Brands, in accordance to highest quality standards and latest technology, having ISO International quality certification and Good Manufacturing Processes SGS GMP 22761 , as well as other Global International Certificates. We produce all kinds of Skin Creams, Lotions, Shampoos, Conditioners, Gels, Serums .. , and our well-known brands are INFINITY , Bobana , Treato , Top Hair , Akren , Flare , Lascar , Hairdo.... We are also known as the best "Private Label" manufacturer in the area, as we produce more than 1500 brands to more than 600 companies , in their own names. It's worth mentioning that we are Contract Manufacturer for Uniliver for "Rexona" & "Clear"

Products/Services :- Manufacturer Of Cosmetics , Cosmeceutical , Skin Care Products , Hair Care Products Brands Of Bobana , Infinity , Hairdo , Akren , Flare , Top Hair , Lascar , Treato , Sunbrella

Dynamo Industries, Inc. | Canada | Sports Goods

? Dynamo is a designer and manufacturer of unique playground equipment. Dynamo's vision is to provide unique designs of play structures which offer better play experiences for children and families. We create play spaces which are more appealing to children; which offer a variety of beneficial play experiences so that the children gain more from their play time; and which offer opportunities for children of all ages and abilities to have the same experiences at the same time on the same games.

Products/Services :- Playground Equipment

Rut Essentials | United Arab Emirates | Perfume and Cosmetics

Born in Beirut, Rut Essentials was inspired by the personal journey of founders Adnan Adada and Nour Khodr. Nour was surrounded by nature her entire life and learned from her grandmothers the fundamentals of natural living; from Olive grove and Pine seed harvesting to traditional soap making. Born and raised in the southern Lebanese mountains, Nour developed a deeply rooted understanding of natural self-care methods through these cultural traditional practices. Following a difficult period in his early life in Lebanon, which resulted in mental health issues, Adnan's determination to find a manageable solution led him to source a selection of essential oils with the help of his family to help him manage and then boost his mental health.

Products/Services :- Essential Oils, Body Oils, Diffusers

Cana gold beauty | United States | Perfume and Cosmetics

Skin care medical And cosmetic products and health care supplements OTC medications

Products/Services :- Skin Care Products

Zhengzhou Chaohong Technology Co., Ltd | China | Home Appliances

We are OEM and have produced LED TV for 20 years. We have all kinds of TV for all sizes. We have advanced technology and the most competitive price.

Products/Services :- Led Tv

Cosmetic Warehouse | South Africa | Home Appliances

Products/Services :- Hair Accessories

Al Muqarram Group | United Arab Emirates | Perfume and Cosmetics

Al Muqarram Industries is a leading manufacturing group in UAE established in 2000. Our manufacturing establishments across the UAE have been home to innovation in creating Sealants, Waterproofing products, Adhesives, Vehicle Care & Maintenance items, and Aerosol Sprays along with a variety of other products being marketed to different countries all over the world. We have commissioned state-of-the-art machinery to mass-produce industrial-grade products through a combination of cost-effective Chinese equipment, along with high-yielding European-grade machinery to keep an upper edge in the market.

Products/Services :- Sealants, Adhesives, Spray Paints, Adhesive Tapes, Auto Care, Glue, Pu Foam

Aravali Fence Llc | United Arab Emirates | Stationary and Office Equipment

Aravali Fence LLC is a renowned perimeter security and road safety solutioning company serving its customers to secure their people, assets & borders all across the Middle East.

Products/Services :- Welded Wire Mesh, Metal Chain Link Fence, Automatic Sliding Gate, Cantilever Sliding Gate

Kooman Trading Fzco | United Arab Emirates | Home Appliances

We, KOOMAN TRADING FZCO, in the export sales from 2003. We have customers Globally. Supplying Televisions, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Tires, OBM Engines, automobile spare parts, New Car & Used Cars etc.

Products/Services :- Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave, Tires, Outboard Motor Engines , Spare Parts For Cars, Trucks, Obm Engines, New Car Sales Etc.

Khadlaj Perfumes | United Arab Emirates | Perfume and Cosmetics

Khadlaj Perfumes is an Arabic Perfumes Online store in UAE offering a wide range of Arabic perfumes online. Now buy Arabic Perfumes online in UAE from a wide range of Arabic perfumes Oud Blends, Bakhoor, Perfumes Oils and Arabic Air Freshener at Khadlaj Perfumes Online store.

Products/Services :- Perfumes, Arabic Perfumes