Abc Products Co.,Ltd. | Thailand | Chilled and Frozen Foods

ABC PRODUCTS CO.,LTD, is one of Thailand s leading canned Food export company. In year 1991, the company was established as a Trading company, exporting number of canned food products - of various catagory, from Thailand to worldwide markets. In year 1996, Our own full-fleged commercial production started, under name ABD KHAN CO.,LTD, with manufacturing, processing, packing of canned food products namely - Tuna, Sardines, Mackerel, other seafoods, together with Fruit & Vegetable line - Pineappl


Xl Energy Marketing | Poland | Beverages and Drinks

XL Energy Drink was born in year 2000. The brand became an immediate success and export operations followed shortly. Currently XL Energy Drink has its offices in Poland and USA. Our product is present in over 50 countries, including major West and South European countries, United States of America, Australia as well as Arabic and African countries. More than 100 million cans per year are consumed worldwide.

Products/Services :- XL Energy Drink 250ml can, XL Cranberry Energy 250ml can, XL Sugar Free 250ml can, XL Lime&Lemon Energy 250ml can

Victors | India | Confectionery/ Sweets

We are exporters of premium cookies and biscuits , having a wide range of products to offer all halal certified.

Products/Services :- Cookies, Biscuits And Wafers

Eken General Trading Company Limited | Tanzania | Fish and Seafood Sauces

Products/Services :- Fish Processing And Fruits

Arctic Salt As | Norway | Specialty / Fine Foods

We are a small salt factory in North Norway, making exclusive Sea Salt from the strong currents of the Saltstfraumen malstream. Our sea salt is high-end, made for the food interested people of the world who would like the litte extra when it comes to seasoning food with a good salt from a natural, Nordic source

Products/Services :- Sea Salt From The Strongest Tidal Current In The World

Horchani Dattes International | Tunisia | Confectionery/ Sweets

The Horchani Group, founded in 1983, is one of the largest private groups in Tunisia. Its activities are very diverse and affect sectors Food, Finance, Tourism, Industry and Real Estate. If today we are the leaders, whether on the local market or for export, it is thanks to our seriousness, our solidarity, our professional consistency and our respect for each other. Innovation is another great quality of Horchani Group, due to its experience and expertise in order to satisfy the greatest number of customers Its quality is guaranteed by certifications: ISO 9001; HACCP 22000, IFS; BRC... Our commitment in time, and effort has resulted in the development of the new range of natural products based on dates without preservatives, no added sugar, no additives .... we are delighted to share

Products/Services :- Energetic Bars/Balls/Rolls, Date Syrup, Date Sugar, Date Paste, Date Spread

Gunj Glass Works | Pakistan | Kitchen Equipment


Products/Services :- Glassware, Flat Glass

Nutsmax Ltd | Kenya | Horticulture / Agriculture

Products/Services :- Agribusiness

Sion Agencies Ltd | Kenya | Horticulture / Agriculture

Products/Services :- Horticulture/ Building Construction

Heer Hem Exports | India | Health Food

Heer Hem Exports is a division of a well known wholesaler in India Hira Trading Co. To cater the world Heer Hem Exports was formed in 2018 under the leadership of our CEO Mr.Hemant V Dedhia with the guidance of the chairperson of Hira Group Mr.Vishanji Dedhia having the experience of 50 years in the field of Rice, Wheat and pulses. Hira group has a speciality in procuring quality rice from the best resource avaiable. Hira Group has served India since 40 years maintaining the taste and decorum of Indian culture. We deal in 150+ varity of Rice and 250+ varity of products at competitive rates with maximum customer satisfaction.

Products/Services :- Basmati And Non Basmati Rice, Wheat Flour, Whole Wheat, Pulses And Spices