Nushi Food Processors | Kenya | Ethnic Food

we consider ourselves as commercial farmers because we produce and buy from other farmers.we do aggregation and value addition in the chilies. we have chilies oil and chilies paste. we make sure whoever wants chilies and African indigenous vegetable gets from us in good quality.

Products/Services :- Fresh And Dried Chilies/ Africa Indigenous Vegetables

Gh Productos Naturales De España Sl | Spain | Beverages and Drinks

PRODUCER , TRADER FROM SPAIN Making best quality drinks with and without alcohol drinks.

Products/Services :- Non Alcoholic & Alcoholic Drinks

Advanced Watertek Llc | United Arab Emirates | Water Purifiers

Advanced Watertek is a leading Water Treatment Company in UAE manufacturing robust Reverse Osmosis Systems, Filtration systems, Dosing Systems and more. It also provides reliable maintenance and spares of Water Treatment Systems in UAE.

Products/Services :- Water Treatment

Ediprints | Iran | Bar / Coffee Equipment and Suppliers

At EdiPrints, we create innovative 3D chocolate printers for cafes, restaurants, and every single chocoholic. You can always drop us a line if you need more information.

Products/Services :- 3D Chocolate Printer

Pet Food And Accessories | United States | Ethnic Food

Products/Services :- Pet Suppies

Krisprfarms | United Arab Emirates | Fresh Produce

A Movement For Better Agriculture Today, we eat food imported from thousands of miles away, with a questionable nutrional value, compromised flavor and (in many cases) poor traceability. We buy food grown using chemicals, that spoils quickly, bruises easily and demands a resource burden that our planet may no longer be able to bear. But, what if we could change all that? What if we could move our farms from far and away, to the cities where their produce is eaten? What if, we could do this using less land, less water and no chemicals? And what if, we could grow better tasting, more nutritious, fresher food all year round? KRISPR is leading the way in transforming agriculture and reversing nutritional decline, by bringing together the best elements of science and technology to the cultivation of nutritious, fresh, beyond organic quality food. Our closed-loop water-saving nutrient systems and indoor environmental controls allow us to create the ideal conditions for plants to thrive, so we can grow within urban centers, even in harsh conditions, delivering fresh produce at peak nutrition and optimal freshness within a few short hours of harvest.

Products/Services :- Krisprfarms

Bab Al Falah Foodstuff Trading | United Arab Emirates | Health Food

Bab Al Falah is the best traders in importing and Exporting of Fruits and Vegetables. We import our quality products like Fresh fruits , Fresh vegetables , Rice varieties, carryalls etc.

Products/Services :- Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables , Rice

Pkm Fine Foods And Spices Pvt Ltd | India | Food Ingredients

We would like to introduce ourselves as PKM Fine Foods & Spices Pvt Ltd, one of the ready to eat /ready to cook food, processed food, sauces, curry pastes, Jackfruit & Spices manufacturers in Kolenchery ,Cochin,Kerala,India. Currently we are marketing our products in India and do exports to UK, Romania, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and China.

Products/Services :- Manufacturer And Exporter Of Food Products

Pan Seven Seas General Trading Llc | United Arab Emirates | Dairy Products

Who we are: We have started our business since 2006 as Pan Seven Seas General Trading LLC at the heart of the Middle East in Dubai- UAE. The company obtains the opportunity for providing top quality of food for the people and committing to environmental sustainability. We have been providing and selling different types of Dairy and Ice cream, Frozen desserts (Ice noodle faludeh) , Olive and Olive oil, Egg and Energy drinks during the recent 15 years by benefiting from top food manufacturers utilizing high technologies and specialized experts in comply with tough standards for hygiene and GMP in food industry. The company offers its healthy products at global level with the aim to meet some parts of the community nutritional needs. Mission and Ethical Values: Our mission is to position as a trustable business partner in the mind of our customers with a special focus on the food hygiene, health and quality for our consumers respecting the nature and our environment.

Products/Services :- Ice Cream, Dairy, Energy Drink, Olive, Olive Oil, Frozen Dessert, Ice Noodle

Aaa General Trading Company | India | Food Ingredients

We are India based exporter of various Food and Non Food items. We mainly export Basmati Rice & Non Basmati Rice, Indian Red Onions, Garlic, Drumsticks, various other Indian Fruits & Vegetables, various other cereals and pulses, Plastic Domestic Items, Steel Utensils etc. We are continuously increasing our item list as per demand of our customers. We believe in long-term relationship with all our customers. Our business motto is " Quality and Reliability".

Products/Services :- Basmati Rice & Non Basmati Rice, Indian Red Onions, Garlic, Drumsticks, Various Other Indian Fruits & Vegetables, Various Other Cereals And Pulses, Plastic Domestic Items, Steel Utensils Etc