East Optical Company Limited | UAE | Optical equipment

Manufacturing and Processing of Opthalmic Lenses

Products/Services :- Opthalmic Lenses

ESAS - MediLink FZCO | UAE | Pharmaceuticals

Trading in Medical & Pharmaceutical Products (only for Re-Export)

Products/Services :- Medical & Pharmaceutical Products

F-2 Trading Inc. | UAE | Pharmaceuticals

Trading in Pharmaceuticals (for Export only) and Chemicals

Products/Services :- Pharmaceuticals

Global Healthcare FZE | UAE | Herbal Remedies

Trading in Pharmaceutical Items (including Herbal Medicines, Contact Lens Solutions and Vitamins & Supplements), Surgical Instruments, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Toiletries and Foodstuff

Products/Services :- Pharmaceutical Items (including Herbal Medicines

Hanna FZE | UAE | Surgical Instruments

Trading in Medical, Surgical Equipment & Instruments, Refrigerators, Washing Machines & Household Electrical Appliances, Electrical & Electronic Appliances Spare Parts, Computer Equipment Requisites, and Toys & Games.

Products/Services :- Surgical Equipment & Instruments

H D F FZCO | UAE | Medical Products and Eqpt.

Trading in Foodstuff, Beverages (Non-Alcoholic), Paints, Chemicals, Building Materials, Textiles, Garments, Electronics and Medical Equipments

Products/Services :- Medical Equipments

Hill-Rom M. E. | UAE | Hospital Supplies

Trading in Medical & Hospital Equipments and Technical Support

Products/Services :- Hospital Equipments

Lab Supply Enterprise | UAE | Laboratory Equipment

Trading in Laboratory Equipment & Supplies (only for Scientific, Research, Medical & Industrial Laboratories)

Products/Services :- Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

Strategic International FZCO | UAE | Pharmaceuticals

Trading in Para-Pharmaceutical Products, Medicine, Foodstuff & Beverages, Agricultural Pesticides, and Organic Fertilizer & Plant Feed.

Products/Services :- Pharmaceutical Products, Medicine,

London Healthcare | UAE | Pharmaceuticals

Trading in Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Products.

Products/Services :- Medical Equipment