Gulf is a large and growing family of companies, united under the common and famous symbol, the Gulf Brand. Gulf brand operations is present in over 100 countries worldwide excluding USA, Spain & Portugal focusing on lubricant and fuel products and services.
Products/Services :- Oils & Lubricants

Being a manufacturer of gear oil, hydraulic oil, automatic transmission fluid, brake fluid and grease, catering to both local as well as the export markets, Cyrus International also manufactures Moxol brand of automotive lubricants in the UAE.
Products/Services :- Lubricants , brake fluid and grease

At Rexol, it is all about effective quality. Our premium-quality products such as Aluminum Complex Grease Synthetic, Bentonite Grease, Anhydrous Calcium Grease, Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease, and Hydrated Calcium Grease, to name but a few, are making the world wheels go round! Join us on this journey by choosing Rexol.
Products/Services :- Grease Manufacturer

Based Rock Blender manufacture of Lubricants for most applications with two facilities and subsidiaries
Products/Services :- Lubricants , Oils

Dedicated to service, quality, and dependability, Armor Lubricants is a UAE National Establishment supported by the UAE Government. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the Middle East's lubricant sector, the premium manufacturer of lubricants and grease is also a wholesaler and distributor of premium industrial commercial lubricant products. Headquartered in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, the company has an international presence covering GCC, the Middle-East, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America. Armor Lubricants exports superior quality products to over 49+ countries worldwide.
Products/Services :- Lubricants, Engine Oil, Grease, Industrial Oil, Diesel Oil, Brake Fluid, Motor Oil, Gear Oil, Marine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Lubricants Manufacturers

WISH SURGICAL is the Best Leading Manufacturer Company Based in Sialkot Pakistan, who Manufacturing and Selling all kind of Surgical Instruments. We can provide you all kinds of surgical instruments with Very Affordable prices.
Products/Services :- Helth

Standard Greases & Specialties Pvt. Ltd. is a Grease Manufacturing & Grease Exporter Company. Operational since last 38 years ( Started in 1983) We are the Largest Grease Manufacturing and Exporting Company of India.
Products/Services :- Greases

There are a few things in the world more luxurious than a powerfully smooth drive in your favorite car. With Lubrex lubricants, you breathe fire in your engine to produce maximum power. Our top-notch product lineup includes automotive, industrial, and marine lubricants, greases, and many more.
Products/Services :- Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants, Greases, Base Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Making sure you use the best quality oil is essential to maintaining the health of your equipment. Alpha Oil is a global lubricant manufacturing company based in UAE. Founded in 2009, Alpha Oil was created to disrupt the oil industry with one simple goal in mind: to provide elite lubricants at affordable prices. We thrive to provide our customers with a robust fuel supply without having them empty their bank balances. This is why all of our products that infuse the latest technology and expert engineering are priced so that our distributors and customers around the world can tap into their power easily. Alpha Oils features premium-quality automotive lubricants. These include our prized petrol and diesel engine oils.
Products/Services :- Alpha Oil

Our enterprise was established in 1994 and presently we are one of the main manufacturer and trader of lubricant materials in Ukraine. Our company successfully cooperates with the largest metallurgical, engineering, mining, transport and agriculture concerns and holdings in more than 30 countries of Europe, Middle East and Asia. The range of produced products has more than 500 items. During the years of long-term cooperation with our clients we have proved ourselves as innovating, responsible and stable partner. The main argument in favor of collaboration with us is a loyal pricing policy. Therefore we are pleased to offer following products: GREASES: By thickener types: calcium, calcium complex, calcium sulfonate, lithium, lithium-calcium, lithium complex, aluminium, natrium, sili
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