Welcome to SCT Vertriebs GmbH - Your German Partner in Lubrication and Automotive Spare Parts. Quality Lubricants directly from the manufacturer with an excellent price-performance ratio. Distributors in 92 countries on 5 continents are successful due to our experience and expertise. MANNOL offers a full range of standard and special lubricants, working fluids and a wide range of car care products at competitive prices. A modern and unique packaging design, short delivery time and OEM specification approved EU quality completes the picture. With a production capacity of 400 tons of lubricants per day we ensure the success of our partners since 1993. Automotive Spare Parts in OEM quality at competitive prices.
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RIG Petroleum is the Middle East's leading Lubiz Brand Lubricant exports to many countries. we have one of the largest corporation in six UAE Lubricants manufacturers of the Gulf suppliers, with well market trade value in approximately 8 countries. We enable leading decision makers to make the decisions that matter most across the lubricants ethics, risk legal control over trading and wholesalers, boomed by us.
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We are Manufacturer of all kind of automotive, Industrial & Marine Lubricants. which we are exporting all over the world
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City Arrow General Trading LLC (CAGT) is an international trading company nestled in the heart of Dubai, the business and cultural hub of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region, with special focus on global trade of different commodities, cosmetics and oil & petroleum products. Our aim is to facilitate our customers with superior services in sourcing and supplying different products from around the world. We have the capability to execute orders of all sizes be it bulk or small orders.
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Al-Buraq Lubricants produces and markets a comprehensive selection of high quality lubricants and specialties which find their way in a wide range of applications. The products are developed and produced by specialists who choose from a wide variety of base oils and high quality additives, to meet latest standards of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and International Standardization Committees. Al-Buraq Lubricants is base in UAE and all products are produced in one of the largest and most sophisticated lubricant blending plants. Our products serve customers needs in a diverse range of industries including: general manufacturing, transportation, Fleet, power generation, mining, forestry, agriculture and plastics processing.
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i am importer form india i have required waste oils
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we are the largest suppliers to the govt sectors
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We are a major chemical and lubricant trading company in Pakistan and sell various local and imported chemicals through our network. Currently we are sourcing for lubricating oil (API SF 20w40 SF/CD or SG/CD). We require packing of 0.7 ltr (main focus), 1 ltr, 3 ltr, 4 ltr, 10 ltr, 210 ltr for various automotive grades.
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