Trading in Blended & Synthetic Lubricants, Greases and Car Care Products

Products/Services :- Lubricants

Trading in Speciality Chemicals (Additives) for Lubricants and Fuels

Products/Services :- Lubricants

Trading in Base Oil, Oil Additives & Oil Specialities (for Export only) and Lubricating Oil & Grease,

Products/Services :- Lubricating Oil

Manufacturing of Greaes, Lubricants & Specialities

Products/Services :- Lubricating Oil

Products/Services :- Fuel Equipment.Jet Fuel Equipment. Jet Fuel Quality Control.Shell Water Detector. Fbo Supplies. Into-Plane Fueling Equipment

Products/Services :- Lubricants, Insecticides, Adhesives

Products/Services :- All Kinds Of Lubricants

Products/Services :- Bearing, Valves, Guages, Cables, Motors, Pressure Switches, Sensors, Controllers, Timers, Relays

Products/Services :- Valve Manufacturer

Products/Services :- Oil/Gas