Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC, founded in 1960, is a multidivisional conglomerate with 24 companies and is a distributor of Dunlop tyres, which are sold through retail outlets called "ProShops" in the UAE region. The Group has a range of diverse products and business interests in trading, retail, building and construction, industrial and joint ventures. As one of the leading business houses in the U.A.E, ESAG is a regional partner to over 370 international brands and principals from across the world.
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Sumitomo Rubber is a recognized tyre dealer in Dubai engaged in selling Dunlop brand of tyres in the MENA region through distributors which are appointed in each country. Founded in 2008, we sell well-balanced and best performance tyres for buses, cars and trucks. At Sumitomo Rubber Group, we aim to provide workers and consumers' satisfaction, enrich the lives of people globally, and thereby contribute to the sustainable development of society.
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we are manufacturer og hydraulic hoses, crimping machines and automobiles pipes for all vehicles,we have wide range of tipper spare parts
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Professional Chinese tyres suppliers , Global Excel Tyres Co.,ltd was set up in 2009 . as one of the most professional Chinese tyre suppliers , specializes in supplying TBR(Truck and Bus Radial Tyre), PCR(Passenger Car Radial Tyre), LTR( Light Truck Radial Tyre), OTR( Off the Road Tyre) , agricultural tyres, scooter tyres , ATV tyres , Golf cart tyres ,lawn tyres , motorcycle tyres and bicycle tyres, tubes ,flaps .etc.
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Artheon is a manufacturer of Solar & Telecom batteries in India. We do automotive batteries as well. We have ISO 9001 & 14001, IEC etc.We have full range of abtteries.
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We Anji Rubber as a specialized manufacturer of butyl inner tubes,retraeding materials and tyres. >>> Butyl inner tube for trucks & Motorcycle inner tube & Electric Bicycle Inner tube >>>Retreading materials: Precured tread rubber & Cushion Gum & Extruder Gum & Curing inner tubes & Curing Envelopes & Other Retreading Tools and Materials >>>Tyres: All Steel Radial tyres & Motorcycle tyres & Electric Bicycle tyres
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We export as per the requrement
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Tire.ae in Dubai & Sharjah is a United Arab Emirates online tyre distribution company which focuses on the daily distribution of premium brand tires of the following segments. Passenger Cars SUVs 4x4 Cars Light trucks And other trucks We are an experienced company with over nine years in business; first opened in 2004. Since that time we have grown to be the premier tire distributor, importer and exporter in the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Most of the people working in Tire.ae have many years of experience in the tire business which allows us to move fast on the market. We have developed our business relations with European, Middle Eastern, North American, African, Asian and Gulf countries.
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We have been trading PCR, LTR, TBR and OTR tires since 2004. Importing from China, India and Taiwan.
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