Trading in Electronics, Electrical Products, Gift & Novelties, Tools and IT Information Systems & Software.
Products/Services :- Electronics, Electrical Products

Trading in Metals, Steel, Textiles, Agro-Commodities, Electronics, Tyres & Rubber Products, Paper & Paper Products, Polymers, Plastics, Petro Chemicals & By-Products and Precious & Semi-Precious Stones.
Products/Services :- Cabling

Trading in Electronics, Electrical and Related Spare Parts of Bose Products
Products/Services :- Electronics, Electrical and Related Spare Parts

Trading in Pipe Coating Products
Products/Services :- Pipe Coating Products

Trading in Electronics, Electrical Products and Spare Parts
Products/Services :- Electrical Products and Spare Parts

Trading in Electronic Products, Digital Products and Communication Equipments
Products/Services :- Electronic Products

Trading in Electrical and Instrumentation Equipments
Products/Services :- Electrical and Instrumentation Equipments

Trading in Consumer Electronics and other Products (Own Brand).
Products/Services :- Electronics and other Products

Trading in Electronic Power Equipment (Battery Back-ups, Line Conditioners, Alternate Power Solutions, Surge Bars and Cabling)
Products/Services :- Electronic Power Equipment (

Trading in Electronic Items & Accessories and Home Appliances
Products/Services :- Electronic Items & Accessories