European Perfume Works was established in 1991, in Sharjah, to herald the beginning of the most modern manufacturing facility to produce on a mass scale, a very large variety of Perfumes, Cosmetics and Toiletry Products. Coupled with the strength of the Company in terms of in-house plastic manufacturing and bottle decoration facilities, the tax free economy of the country and the liberal market conditions have contributed to the growth and stability of the Company. Having a most reliable facility to develop and produce new styles and designs, European Perfume Works is now consolidating its markets through the entire Gulf, Europe, USA, Canada, CIS, South Africa, Far East, Australia and New Zealand.
Products/Services :- Manufactures Of Perfumes

Selective yet affordable, Kaloo perfumes babies from 1 month to 3 years old. The collections reflect the universe of those ages and are created in a subtle balance between lightness and trend. The line includes 4 scented water, sweet and tender like children, with each a soft toy head, a nice family of friends to collect: Kaloo Blue, Kaloo Lilirose, Kaloo Liliblue, Kaloo Dragée. To ensure that this perfume gives moment of pleasure, the fragrances are without alcohol and clinically tested. " Scents and Emotions " The children world is full of gifts. Kaloo offers beautiful gift sets for newly born, birthdays, parties and any other occasions.
Products/Services :- Infant Perfumes

A M A Perfumes Manufacturing Company
Products/Services :- Perfume

We bring you fragrances that encapsulate the traditions, the native uniqueness and the diverse richness of every corner of India. Handmade with love, our fragrances are natural, long-lasting and eco-friendly, offering a premium and mesmerising experience. ?We are a team of fragrance experts and connoisseurs. A decade ago, in 2013, we embarked on our perfumery journey with our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in the captivating city of Pune, India.
Products/Services :- Bakhoors, Aroma Oils, Incense Sticks, Fragrance Sachets, Car Perfumes

We are Manufacturer and Exporters of Henna and Hair colours.
Products/Services :- Cosmetics

Sunnapharma extracts all kinds of natural oils from the best quality natural herbs, seeds, and plants using the cold pressed method. We have been in the medical herbs field for 20 years where we were specialized in extracting Egyptian blackseed oil. Now, Sunnapharma manufacture and export a wide variety of natural herbal oils and natural products to Europe and the United States. Our products include herbal oils, herbs, dietary supplements, and beauty products. Some of our products are FDA certified. Our seeds are from the best cultivating fields; processed by cold pressing which ensures that oils retain their flavor, nutritional quality, and vital healing component. Our oils are admixtures free; useful for hair, skin and curing health issues. Sunnaphama's oils are offered with superior quality and competitive prices.
Products/Services :- Natural Oils And Natural Cosmetics

We are a Kenya Company who supplies plant based Skin and hair care products like Qasil powder, Sandalwood Powder, Cusbur powder, Hurud, unrefined shea butter, African Black soap, African white soap, activated Charcoal and coffee soap among others
Products/Services :- Organic Skin And Hair Care

Kirpal Export Overseas is a henna powder manufacturer, supplier and exporter located in India. We are dealing since 25+ years in natural products. Our products include natural henna powder for hair, Indigo powder, organic hair colors, herbal henna hair colors, henna hair care products, beard color, eyebrow henna color, sideburn colors and natural hair care products. The Hair care products includes shampoo, conditioners, hair serum, hair masks and more made of natural ingredients. Our products are exported to countries all over the world, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and more countries. We also provide the Private Labelling Services with customization for all our products.
Products/Services :- Henna Powder, Herbal Henna Hair Colors, Henna Hair Care, Indian Herbs, Beard Henna Color, Eyebrow Henna Colors

We are one of the leading producer & exporter of sandalwood Essential Oils, Powder, Chips, Billets and its allied products. Our company started in the year 2010 as a closed corporation trading in all aspects, in the name of Anjum Aromatics. We have expertise in manufacturing of Indian, Indonesian, African and Australian sandalwood products. Apart from sandalwood, we have essential oil manufacturing units in various parts of India.
Products/Services :- Essential Oil & Sandalwood Products

We Provide the Services related to Perfume Manufacturing, Box, Oils, Bottles and much More. T Get More details be visit our site our contact us at below number.
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