Mcpl Fze. Is a trading company based in Dubai . Which owns and has the exclusive rights for the international and legendary men's grooming , perfume and toiletries brand " Blue Stratos " Blue Stratos is a world know classic fragrance was established in 1981 . Has a product range of Perfumes edt Deodorants Shaving foams ,gels and creams for men . Face wash Body wash / shower gels Cosmetics and toiletries
Products/Services :- Perfumes , Cosmetics , Toiletries ,

We are manufacturer of Hair color, Herbal Henna Mehndi products and ready to use henna cone (paste henna) based in India. We produce and export high quality Henna Mehndi with excellent prices to various destinations worldwide. We Undertake Contract Manufacturing / Private Label Jobs / Mehndi in loose and also in Portion Packed Sachets and many more. If you are interested in Distribution, Wholesale, Retail Store or Import of this product, please contact us.
Products/Services :- Henna Powder, Henna Paste, Hair Color

We are exporter of all kinds of cleaner greece gun perfumes
Products/Services :- Cleaning Products And Construction Chemicals

We can export & supply all sort of products(consumer & household,Perfumes & Cosmetics,Food Stuff,Toiletries & Garments to Asia,Africa,Middle East & South Asia.
Products/Services :- Exporter Of Cosmetics,Perfumes,Food Stuff,Toiletries,Electronics,Household Etc.

Since its inception in January 2010, Jays Cosmetics has followed the single-minded philosophy of delivering quality products, backed by extensive research and domain expertise as we consider Research & Development is a backbone of skin care and oral care industry. The first product being Gloss Whitening Face Cream. The choicest materials and goodness of exclusive natural pearls soon made Gloss Whitening Face Cream a must in both Pakistani households as well as beauty salons. This led to spurring the growth of the company, thereby resulting in development of more products like Gloss face Wash, Gloss Cold Cream, Gloss Hand Wash, Gloss Talcum Powder, Toothpaste for kids, Gloss Whitening Soap and Gloss Moisturizing Cream, some of these are available in market and some will be available
Products/Services :- Cosmetics & Oral Care

General trading company specialized in branded toiletries cosmetics and perfumes distribution all over Europe and Asia. established from traders with 20 years background in the supplies to supermarkets and important shops chains worldwide. supplying important customers in France as well as exporting to importers worldwide looking for competitive prices and stable business.
Products/Services :- Branded Toiletries Cosmetics And Perfumes Import Export And Distribution

Importers of Quality Lotions, Creams, Gels, Shampoos, Hand Sanitizers, Body wash and perfumes, Baby Oils,powder and shampoos.
Products/Services :- Merchandising

Shubham Natural Fragrance & Exports is a leading market player in the fragrance design industry. A renowned manufacturer and supplier of a rich and enchanting collection of Attars, Essential Oils, Rose Water, Lavender Oil and Arabian Attars, we have succeeded in embossing a distinct name in the domestic market with our signature perfume recipes. Blending the natural essence of flowers, herbs, resins, barks & woods with superior fragrant properties, our product line is delightfully one of a kind featuring unusually long lasting aroma as compared to other over-the-counter perfumes and essential oils. As an industry leading manufacturer, we wed ancient perfumery traditions with modern production techniques to create a unique and uplifting range of aromatic products.
Products/Services :- Manufacturer And Exporters

Export-import company. Activities: - import mascaras - import perfumes - import Gillette
Products/Services :- Trading

Al Shareeq General Trading is the wholesale division of Al Shareeq Group. We deal in all the non food items for supermarkerts and groceries. Our company also have a very powerful distribution network connecting supermarkets and groceries in almost all the leading emirates.
Products/Services :- Cosmetics, Household, Cleaning Items, Stationery