NOOR SELFTRADE SARL integrates the time tried and trusted ways of trading with the new ways of the internet age. Globalization has increased competition worldwide, forcing us all to work quicker and smarter in order to maintain a competitive edge. Our Global Vision Noor selftrade Ltd with the intention to establish permanent exhibitions in a number of countries where exporters will exhibit their products on a permanent basis. The exhibitions will be available for all the local importers to see and not only the lucky few who could travel to other countries to visit temporary exhibitions. During the past years month working in international trade, we have seen a number of technical advancements that brought the world to your doorsteps.
Products/Services :- Muslim Fashion/Perfume/Automotive/Truck/Bus/Car/Raw Agro Food/Cashew/Sunflower/Solar Computer

Trading in Cosmetics & Perfumes and Body Care & Related Equipments
Products/Services :- Cosmetics & Perfumes

Trading in Electrical Products, Cosmetics & Perfumes, Textiles, Garments and Consumer Goods.
Products/Services :- Cosmetics & Perfumes

Manufacturing & Packing of Perfumery Products, Cosmetics and Toiletries Trading in Perfumery Products, Cosmetics, Toiletries and Photographs
Products/Services :- Cosmetics & Perfumes

Trading in Perfumed Tissues and Perfumes
Products/Services :- Perfumes

Trading in Electronics, Electrical Products, Novelties, Toys, Perfumes, Watches and Garments
Products/Services :- Toys, Perfumes, Watches and Garments

Trading in Agarwood, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Crystalware and Embroidered Dress Materials.
Products/Services :- Perfumes, Cosmetics