Habib ahmed, a renowned hair expert is a pioneer in the hair and beauty industry in India. Habib's hair and beauty salons came up in 1975 and from then have wielded their own magic. Ahmed started the company with a vision to provide quality hairstyling and beauty services to the wider populance of the country. The salon, named after his own name, offers a full range of hair and beauty services carrying a hallmark of quality that is synonymous with him. We have integrated hairstyling, beauty and personality grooming and are a perfect amalgam of Indian and western hairstyling based on science and the geometrical system. Our skills, aesthetic sensitivity and solid expertise help understand the client's requirement much better.
Products/Services :- Cosmetics

Dealing in Natural Wood and Mining Charcoal Coffee Beans Auto Parts Cosmetics Rock Salt Products Food Commodities
Products/Services :- Charcoal And Coffee Trading

Products/Services :- Cosmetics And Skin Care

Ansar Harford is a UK company and having manufacturing plant in UAE. We are the manufacturer of various kind of toothpaste in different flavors and sizes with a very high quality specification such as daily use of Regular Flouride Toothpaste, Gel Flouride Toothpaste, Whitening Toothpaste, Smoker's Toothpaste, 2 Color Toothpaste, Miswak Extract Toothpaste, and Kids Toothpaste. Also we have Tooth Brush, Diapers and Sanitary Napkins. If you are interested any of our products please contact us through by email: Abraham@ansarharford.com or by Mob. No. 00971 50 5250952. We are ISO 9001:2008 accredited, ESMA and GMP certified. We also accommodate private label brand.
Products/Services :- Toothpaste, Toothbrush

We are a cosmetics trading company based in Hong Kong and we are looking for potential suppliers from UAE.
Products/Services :- Cosmetics, Personal Care

We are a company registered in Nigeria involved in general merchandise but currently specializing in consumer and household products.
Products/Services :- Consumer And Household Supplies

SoulTree is India's 1st BDIH certified Natural, Organic and Ayurvedic cosmetic company
Products/Services :- Natural European Certified Cosmetics