G.N.Industries is Government Registered Importer and Exporter in India, Mumbai (APEDA). We supply best quality of Vegetables, fruits and food grain and Wheat flour, as per client requirement from India, Mumbai. Clients who entrust their faith in our company we always try to maintain it not only by selling our product only but to build a healthy relation for long term business. We supply to eminent Hotels, Malls and Exporters etc.
Products/Services :- Vegitables, Fruits, Wheat Flour

SITCO Enterprises Pvt Ltd.is a business house, has proven expertise in different verticals of Manufacturing, Agricultural Commodities, Agricultural Tools and Equipment's,Building Materials,Plants & Machineries,Minerals and Chemicals,Coir&Geo Textiles,Jute Products, International Trading,and Business Consultation.
Products/Services :- Pulses,Desicated Coconut.Coco Peat Coir Products,Garlic,Onion,Potatos

Vegtopia planting union founded in 2000, we have our own single clove garlic planting base with an area of 2000 mu in Liaoning, China, furthermore, we have signed the agreement with over a hundred single-clove garlic growers who plant exclusively for our planting base and receive the planting technique from us. The annual output of our planting base can reach 10000 tons on total. We collect, process, pack, store and export many thousand tons of Chinese garlic to the world all year round. China produces 75% of the garlic in the world, according to the FAO. The most famous garlics we supply include: single clove garlic,pure white garlic of Henan . We ensure the best quality, competitive price. We pack our garlic into 10 kg white and color printed cartons or in pre-packed mesh bags .
Products/Services :- Single Clove Garlic,Sweet Pepper

Pakistan Organic Farms are certified by Control Union Certifications Zwolle, the Netherlands for organic production methods according to Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007. We are one of the leading rice exporters and grow EU and USDA Certified agricultural commodities. We grow: Organic Rice; Organic Sesame Seeds; Organic Cotton; and Organic Wheat
Products/Services :- Organic Rice, Organic Cotton, Organic Brown Rice, Organic White Rice, Organic Long Grain Rice, Organic Parboiled Rice, Super Kernel White Basmati Rice, Super Kernel Brown Basmati Rice, Super Kernel Parboiled Milled Basmati Rice, Pakistan - Long Grain

We are exporters of : Rice Pulses Canned Foods Tamarind Chick Peas
Products/Services :- Beans,Rice,Food Products

We are from India.we start Indian agricultural products export company. We are applied to Indian government. We want uae company collaboration.
Products/Services :- Indian Agricultural Products Export & Gold Import To India (Startup Company).

Stem and Leaves (MyGreenDubai) is a Dubai based online company which started in 2015.Our love for nature especially florae inspired us to create beautiful live art in the form of terrariums, fairy gardens, and mini landscapes using a variety of house plants and succulents available locally. Many studies have revealed that being around plants not only improves your health by producing oxygen and purifying air but it also improves concentration, productivity and increases memory retention up to 20%. We understand that the fast paced lifestyle may be of a hindrance for you to enjoy the benefits of the nature hence we bring nature to you through our creative live art. Our aim is to encourage everyone to have an opportunity to appreciate the benefits of having florae in their homes and work
Products/Services :- Home And Garden

FAGOS FARMING AND TRADE ENTERPRISE is the trusted manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide array of excellent quality nuts and oils. Our range includes java groundnuts, blanched groundnuts, red skin groundnuts, flavoured groundnuts, shelled groundnuts, bold groundnuts, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, and spearmint oil. Our nuts are highly nutritious and can be used for direct consumption for producing other food items like peanut butter, etc. Our products are also suitable for the purpose of cooking, grilling, frying and seasoning. We process our entire range of products under hygienic conditions and without any usage of chemical treatments. The nuts that we offer are hygienically cultivated by our contract farmers and processed in our state-of-the-art processing unit.
Products/Services :- Eggs,Frozen Chicken,Mutton Meat And Buffalo (Cow) Meat,Rice,Beans,Cocoanuts,Coffee,Onion.Tomatoes,Garlic,Soybeans,Peanalpes,Orranges,Watermellon,Apples,

We are wise ways marketing company limited from Nigeria, we on export of 100%hardwood charcoal and agricultural produces.
Products/Services :- Exporting

CELESTE EXPORTS is one of the merchant exporters from Textile city of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. We are energetic with innovation, leadership and strong consumer focus. We have clear vision to emerge as a completely integrated and one stop shop for selected products by adapting the best technology available in the world. We always been working consistently to satisfy our clients by providing world class service, product, price, faster delivery and foster a professional environment that encourages continued commitment to build enduring relationship with our valued clients. CELESTE EXPORTS is supplying high quality and eco friendly Arecanut leaf plates, Moringa Oliefera and Engineering products, Areca nut Leaf products are available in Round, Square, Rectangle, Hexagonal and Oval shape.
Products/Services :- Agriculture Items, Fresh Veg And Fruits, Engineering And Air-Conditioning Spares