Smolensk Agro Export company exports oilseeds (flax, mustard, safflower, coriander),pulses (lentils, chickpeas) and cereals (spring vetch, millet, sorghum), lecithins and fatty acids since 2014, serving the EU and Asian markets. Strenghs: turnover in 2022 >14 million dollars (bigger volumes-lower prices) 19,000 sq m of grain storage (its own elevator in Bryansk, its own grain cleaning complex in Lipetsk) direct contracts with 500 manufacturers throughout Russia trading company - can offer more volume and wider range from one hands take all the specific work with Russian farmer for ourselves (certificates, declarations, checking the quality in the independent International laboratory etc) reputation - known as a reliable partner fulfilling it's duties not depending on the market prices changes. Reference list per enquery work per enquery - do not depend on price payed for purchase to the farmer for all volume beforehand
Products/Services :- Chickpeas, Lentils, Mustard, Flax, Coriander

we consider ourselves as commercial farmers because we produce and buy from other farmers.we do aggregation and value addition in the chilies. we have chilies oil and chilies paste. we make sure whoever wants chilies and African indigenous vegetable gets from us in good quality.
Products/Services :- Fresh And Dried Chilies/ Africa Indigenous Vegetables

Honey processing and spices
Products/Services :- Honey Processing And Spices

Makers of Authentic Cold Pressed Cooking Oil. Sesame Oil,Groundnut Oil and Coconut Oil
Products/Services :- Cold Presed Cooking Oil

We export food items and imitation jewellery to all the countries.
Products/Services :- Indian Cooked Breads

We are one of the leading supplier or exporter in branded FMCG like Masala, Horlicks, Maggie, Oil, Red Label Tea, Jams, Kurkure, Lays, Salt, Cold drinks, Rice, Pooja items, herbal products, Indian Kitchen items, Decoration items, Indian festival specials, Groceries (Food/ Non Food ), Spices (Branded & Bulk), Baby care, Personal care, Home care, Hygiene care, Incense Sticks etc. Mainstream items from Ferrero Rocher (Kinder Joy chocolate), Gillette, Durex, Dettol etc. are also available with us from India,' on which widely the landed prices overseas are lower than local sourcing.
Products/Services :- Fmcg

ADR Exports supplies rice and other agro products worldwide.
Products/Services :- Rice And Other Agro Exports

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Products/Services :- Supply And Exports Of Organic Herbs: Ginger, Garlic, Tumeric, Hibiscus Flower, Cow Dung, And Etx

The most successful businesses are those that combine a ?ne understanding of the customer's needs with an uncompromising attitude towards addressing them, both backed by strong business acumen. In 1973, A. C Venkatachalapathy provided living proof of this adage. As small nuclear families started becoming the norm in urban India, the pressure on the average housewife became higher. Husbands and children needed to be breakfasted; lunch had to be packed for o?ice and school; all this by 9 am with little to no domestic help. "OUT OF THE HOUSEWIFE'S PROBLEM, SWASTIKS WAS BORN." From home business to a part of every home Commencing as a home-business, Swastiks grew slowly but steadily thanks to the vision, quality consciousne
Products/Services :- Food Products