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Products/Services :- Supply And Exports Of Organic Herbs: Ginger, Garlic, Tumeric, Hibiscus Flower, Cow Dung, And Etx

The most successful businesses are those that combine a ?ne understanding of the customer's needs with an uncompromising attitude towards addressing them, both backed by strong business acumen. In 1973, A. C Venkatachalapathy provided living proof of this adage. As small nuclear families started becoming the norm in urban India, the pressure on the average housewife became higher. Husbands and children needed to be breakfasted; lunch had to be packed for o?ice and school; all this by 9 am with little to no domestic help. "OUT OF THE HOUSEWIFE'S PROBLEM, SWASTIKS WAS BORN." From home business to a part of every home Commencing as a home-business, Swastiks grew slowly but steadily thanks to the vision, quality consciousne

Products/Services :- Food Products

Aachi Masala Foods India Ltd is a 250 million USD $ company with strong presence in over 50 plus countries across the globe. We manufacture and export spices, spice powders, ready to cook range, pickles and pastes and other food and non-food range of products.

Products/Services :- Manufacturer And Exporter Of Spices, Condiments, Food Product Range To Over 50 Countries

VIBE Café is a healthy eatery that is seriously strapped with creative chefs and health fanatics who have brought amazingly flavorful and miraculously nutrient-dense eating options to the foodie scene. Whether you're in need of an evening snack, an early morning pick-me-up, or a quick-and-healthy lunch, VIBE café has something for you that will satisfy your cravings plus keep your health goals in check. VIBE goes by the passionate commandment of "Good VIBE-rations" as our notion is to carefully select high-quality sustainable ingredients to serve tasty, non-genetically modified, plant-based/vegan friendly, macrobiotic filled, gluten free and sugar-free high mood foods. VIBE doesn't want to "kill our VIBE" which is why we have included space for our meat and poultry lovers too.

Products/Services :- Healthy Restaurant

We are one of the fastest growing Indian Savoury & Snacks Food Company and are exploring opportunity to enhance our footprints in your region. About Gopal Snacks : Every day we touch millions of lives and are striving to help shape a better and healthier world for individuals, families, our communities and for the planet. Our stories take a deeper look at how Gopal Snacks is making a difference. Gopal's 6,500+ employees across 3 continents work relentlessly to achieve our purpose of nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Every day, we connect farmers with markets, customers with ingredients, and people with the food they need to thrive. As the 'Good Food, Good Health' company, we enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.

Products/Services :- Indian Savoury , Ethnic Snacks,Waffers,Namkeens,Pappad.

our company LLC "Altai ECO sort" is a manufacturer of high-quality lentils. modern equipment will produce 3000 tons per month of high-quality products. We have a wide experience of deliveries all over the world. we can offer the best prices.

Products/Services :- Lentils

UAE Top 10 include prominent brands and local businesses in the hotel, restaurant, beauty and therapeutic industries, as well as financial hubs, government departments and multinational corporations among others.

Products/Services :- Top 10 Brands Uae

I wish to inform you that the Feeding Grain Council is ready to purchase sunflower oil, rice and sugar as soon as possible. I got your contacts online and have decided to contact you. Am one of the registered contract agent of Feeding Grain Council Kayes Mali. Feeding Grain Council Kayes Mali +22370805076

Products/Services :- Sugar,Rice, Milk Powder, Wheat Flour

RICE SUGAR MILK POWDER COOKING OIL WHEAT FLOUR CEMENT TMT BUILDING BAR ROD We normally purchassing some of the listed bellow product once in a year. We are very known, great and recognised organization in the whole kayes region. With our address you can visit our organization and can stand chance to be awarded contract supply of any of the above listed needed product.

Products/Services :- Foodstuffs

rice 5%,smp milk powder, sugar, cooking oil and wheat flour. We normally purchasing the needed food product in large qauntities for the sustainers of the poor people that feeding by Daily Food Mali.

Products/Services :- Foodstuffs